9 thoughts on “The Beginning

  1. This is GREAT!! Positivity is what the world needs and as I believe as long as you’re inspired you are capable of inspiring others. I think this is wonderful idea!!

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  2. This is AWESOME, to say the least! Keep it up, as even a little inspiration could end up making the BIGGEST difference in someone’s life. You never know who your words may touch. With so much hate and negativity being possessed nowadays, inspiration is definitely what the world needs right now! I’m super proud of you, and I hope that these words will inspire you to continue to inspire others!


  3. This is great, I pray that you get as much out of this blog as your giving to others. Your positive words have always motivated me personally and hope that you are able to reach the masses with your AWSOMENESS

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  4. With all negativity in the world today, a kind word, positive incentives and the truth, should start the process for clearing out hatred. Everyone may not agree with you, but god knows it’s your intent that counts.

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  5. I was here for your first post and apologize for just now getting a chance to comment, will be catching up today. This is definitely needed, thanks for sharing your positive vibes. I look forward to what’s to come from this! Love ya, mean it!!

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