What and Who?

(Off the top of your head) What and Who inspires you to be the best version of yourself? *You should be able to answer this question in less than 30 seconds*. My faith in GOD and my family/friends are what and who inspires me to be the best version of “Adrienne”. 

11 thoughts on “What and Who?

  1. It’s so crazy I agree we should be able to answer a question this simple Off of the top of our heads but I couldn’t! My faith is very strong but this question made me think my response should be a person. Couldn’t answer for me it’s what. Just seeing what working hard and being faithful to the lord can do.

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  2. My faith in God, my loving parents who instilled so many things in me, my daughter who changed how I view life, my own personal goals/experiences as well as those who are close to me who have proven that they have my best interests in mind. This was a great question that brought joy to my day as I reflected on where my inspiration comes from. Keep it up A!

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