Something Different 

This summer I decided to try something different. My decision forced me to refocus on my studies while putting ALL my leisure activities on hold on (inserts sad face emoji) Normally, I would be tanned and have some amazing pictures to show and stories to tell from my annual week long trip out of the country but I don’t.

Although, I didn’t travel this summer, I made the best out of it. I pushed myself mentally to finished both Summer sessions strong. It was challenging to add another item to my “To-do list” in addition to working full-time and working out twice a week with my personal trainer. I’m pleased that I decided to do something different this summer and I look forward to catching up with my friends/family soon.

Have a GREAT weekend!!!

3 thoughts on “Something Different 

  1. I feel the same way I worked all summer, long hours almost everyday. The hard part is staying focus while everyone else around you is enjoying the summer and all the benifits it has to offer ( ex: beach days, boats ride,summer night breezes, great cookouts, vacations …..) but one thing I learned in my life is that hard work pays off so I’m willing to sacrifice all the fun stuff to push myself to be the best “She” can be!!!! I hope you keep pushing your self to be your ” best you “

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